About The Happy Business School.

I'm Carly Cannings and I left my corporate life as a lawyer and senior leader to set up The Happy Business School. I help businesses understand the science of happiness and share practical ways they can invest in the happiness of their people, and ultimately become more successful.

Becoming a mother and shortly afterwards being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (a chronic autoimmune condition) prompted me to explore my own happiness. I became intrigued by the science of positive psychology and how, with the right knowledge and skills, I could adapt my mindset and take control of my own happiness.

I decided to use my extensive experience working in the corporate world, combined with my learnings from the world of positive psychology, to help businesses unlock the secrets of workplace happiness  

And not just happiness at an individual level. I want to help businesses embed a more positive workplace culture. I want to give them the tools and knowledge to make their business truly a great place to work.

When I'm not helping businesses increase workplace happiness you'll either find me in the kitchen leafing through one of my many cookbooks for inspiration for our next dinner party (I love to cook and thankfully my husband is a great sous-chef because sometimes I'm a bit overambitious in my menu choices!), at the theatre (musicals are my bag, Hamilton being my favourite, with Six a close second) or dancing around the house to Disney songs with my four-year-old daughter.

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