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Happiness is a serious matter.

Did you know that happy people are more productive, more resilient and more creative at work?  I'm Carly Cannings and I left my corporate life as a lawyer and senior leader to set up The Happy Business School. My mission, quite simply, is to make workplaces happier. Gone are the days when a good salary and nice perks are enough to attract and retain the best people. Employees want to work for great employers, who truly see the value in their people. And employers want to get the best out of their people. Let me show you how you can achieve both. 

How The Happy Business School Can Help​


Want to create a people-centric culture where happy people thrive? Want to make yours a great place to work but need a little help? I’ll work closely with you to understand your organisation and together we'll create and implement a plan that enables your organisation and its people thrive.


From 'lunch & learn' sessions to half day workshops, to bespoke programmes, let me help you and your people thrive at work. I'll share practical insights and advice to help increase workplace happiness and support you in creating a great workplace culture.


Want a keynote speech that will bring a smile to your people’s faces that will last beyond the end of the day? Invite me to speak at your away day or other event and I’ll explain what workplace happiness is all about and leave you with some practical ways you can increase it.

Happy people = successful businesses.
Learn the science-based secrets of one of the most underused business tools, happiness.

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